My Images are posted for the visual enjoyment of family and friends.  Welcome also to all new comers to my site and Thank You for viewing.

Happy New Year to All © Patricia Haugen

2019 September 30th Finally I have taken the time to add a bit of new material to this website. I came across a new idea for images “Square Format”  You can check out a selection of images I managed to capture under Image Portfolios. This is a lot of fun especially when a photographer is in a bit of a funk and is finding nothing inspiring which happens periodically to every photographer.

2018 January 22nd  Finally we have a bit of sun here. We did have a white Christmas but that is long gone. Taking advantage of the day I went to Victoria with a photographer friend to see what we could find that was different and interesting. We went to Ogden Point and were not disappointed. See the images under Featured Photos.

2017 May 28th  in great weather I was fortunate to fly into the Chilcotin to Tsuniah Lake. It was fabulous to fly in a small plane from Duncan, to Courtenay for refueling. Leaving Courtenay, the route was over the south end of Quadra, Stuart Island and on up Bute Inlet then following the Homathko River. While travelling the Homathko we were trying to spot the remnants of Waddington’s 1861 proposed route to the Gold Fields of interior BC. Also we were trying to spot the location of the 1864 Chilcotin Massacre. Our destination was Tsuniah Lake Lodge which is an experience that belongs on everyone’s bucket list. At 4000 feet it is set amongst Coastal/Chilcotin mountains where there are grizzly bears and spawning trout at this time of year as well as wildflowers in bloom.

June 2016 ~ Just back from a road trip to the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and Alberta plus southwestern Alberta I am trying to catch up with posting the under the “A Year of Days” project (Image Portfolios) I have undertaken. This trip had variable weather from heat waves to blizzards which was great to force me into capturing different images which I hope you will like the sample posted as well under Travelogues.

I have now resorted to my travel camera for the photos for the 365 Day Project. I am using a Panasonic DMC – FZ 200. It is a remarkable camera which made its debut the summer of 2012 and is still holding its own in the reviews.

May 2016 ~ I like many photographers am attempting what is known as a 365 Project or taking a minimum of a photograph each day. I have put a bit of a twist on it in that I am using a very small point and shoot Casio – Exilm rather than one of my other cameras just to prove it can be done.  Also I am using software to modify each photo artistically which will force me to work with all the imaging software I now have. These daily images are posted under “Image Portfolios” and “A Year of Days”. 

Lately I have have been using my Panasonic FZ200 to record these daily photos. Now that the images are outside in better weather I definitely need a view finder to have any idea what is being transferred to the SD card. Some of the photos of the flowers which have a dreamy quality I have used the Nikon 800 with a macro lens to have a precise point of focus.

16 September 2015 – New images have been posted in Image Galleries for Motorcycles and also Cars and Machinery from a weekend Autumn Tour I took part in.

September 2015 – There are new images posted under Travelogues for a day I spent in Barkerville on the May Long Weekend this year, I hope you will enjoy them.

Note:    Both Image Galleries and Travelogues now have drop down menus which allow selection of a gallery of interest directly with a left click.  Then left click on the first image to view a slide show.

August 2014. I have now started to post more images under the Travelogue section with a new listing for Newfoundland. Ultimately, the images will cover the 5,000 Km we travelled in Newfoundland and Labrador.  We covered a very large area with a diverse topography plus this year there was a bumper crop of icebergs which I may have also seen in Greenland in 2011.

December 2013.  I am revisiting some of my 2010 images from three trips to Sweden (winter, spring and summer) and summer in Norway.  These images which I am now posting are to be taken as a Travelogue where I am hoping to give you a sense of place.  Please enjoy them for what they are…Travel Images.

November 2013 brought a welcome escape from our grey dull west coast weather with a jaunt to Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii. The Big Island is fascinating for its various climatic zones and vegetation which I understand to be around thirteen.  A number of these zones can be travelled through in a couple of hours. September 2013 – I am off to Utah with another photography friend for 3 intense weeks of photography.  I am hoping to return with some interesting images of the canyons in various lighting conditions.

The FEATURED PHOTOS page features a few comments on random images.  Please let me know if there is an image you would like more information on.  Note also that there are more pages of featured photos which can be selected by clicking on “Older Posts” at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Enjoyed your B & W of Ogden point. My favourite is the Pilotboat. Thanks for sharing your work

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