12 meter Geronimo Pat Haugen

In 2004 Ladysmith was  home to three 12 meter yachts, Dame Pattie, Geronimo and the Age of Russia.  The Dame Pattie was the 1967 America’s Cup Challenger after losing to  Intrepid from the USA.  Dame Pattie crossed the finish line first but was disqualified because of a collision with Intrepid.  Geronimo starred as the US 1987 comeback yacht in the feature 1992 film “Wind.”  RU-24 – Age of Russia was built for the 1992 Challenger races and was the only yacht ever entered by the Soviet Bloc. I was lucky on a few occasions to be close enough to get a few interesting shots of these boats.  Geronimo is actually a beautiful red but I decided to experiment with black and white in this photo and I liked the final result.