Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air Pat haugen copy

Love is in the Air © Patricia Haugen

939 Love birds Pat haugen copy

She is Mine © Pat Haugen

This large male Trumpeter has hung out with several Mute swans for the past few years possibly thinking he was one of them. Last year he discovered his voice whereas they can only hiss. This year he has finally found a friend, a young Trumpeter swan.  Feeling very possessive and protective he puts the run on a pair of Mute swans if they get close or just because they are in the vicinity of where he wants to land. I hope you enjoy these few photos as much as I have enjoyed watching their antics.

759 Mr Trumpeter Pat haugen copy

You are Out of Here…Now © Pat Haugen

The Chase 964 Pat haugen copy

The Chase © Patricia Haugen

Togetherness 946 Pat haugen copyTogetherness © Patricia Haugen