Great Blue Herons

126 Low Flight Pat Haugen copy

Low Flight © Patricia Haugen

It is the beginning of May and there is activity everywhere if you take time out to look and have the patience to wait. On a jaunt to some favourite spots in Victoria, Esquimalt Lagoon was out because a Volvo commercial was being filmed, oh well, move on. This was actually fortuitous. The next stop, Albert Head Lagoon I managed to capture the best flight photos of blue heron plus the bonus was watching and trying to photograph him handle a large fish to orient it for a quick swallow head first.

126 Lunch Pat Haugen copy

Lunch © Patricia Haugen

126 Unlucky Fish Pat Haugen copy

Unlucky Fish © Patricia Haugen

126 Mr. Grumpy Pat Haugen copy

Mr. Grumpy © Patricia Haugen