96 Bamboo Pat Haugen copy

This is a fun image or in other words a purely created image from a quick photo of some bamboo wallpaper in a restaurant. The wall paper was in shades of grey but I thought it had possibilities and it did with some software manipulation.

The Stroll

The Stroll 134 Pat Haugen

I am now experimenting with new techniques to present  more of an artistic feeling in my images. I rather like the impressionistic look to this street photography image . For the more traditional  black and white street photography image check out the “Street Photography” Gallery under Image Portfolios.

Ever Onwards

6339 Ever Onwards Pat Haugen

This digitally altered photograph was taken at the new Olso Opera June 2010. We were hosted by relatives to a private tour of the new building with a retired ballerina as our guide. If you have an opportunity to visit the Opera it is an architectural wonder in glass, wood and marble. It is another outside park in marble for the residents of Olso…very creative and functional which are fundamental to the Scandinavian approach to design.

In the City

6639 In the City © Patricia Haugen

Thoughts of being away from nature and in a city for a length of time evoke a sadness in me reflected by the face on this Poirot doll . Although I will admit being absolutely fascinated by the modern architecture of vibrant large cities. Using software I have tried to bring the two concepts together.

Cityscape © Patricia Haugen

11 Vancouver Pat Haugen

Vancouver Cityscape © Patricia Haugen


Magnolia © Patricia Haugen

We can now say it is really spring here on the west coast but we have to admit we have had spring and sunshine here since mid January.  The magnolia in our front garden has never had so many flowers. Our weather has not been normal…very little rain which will be a problem for our forests and especially the cedar trees come summer. Of course it may rain all summer!

Hot Vette


This beautiful 1959 Corvette caught my eye at the local Ladysmith Show and Shine in August.  The newer models of Corvettes just do not have the styling, attention to detail and glamour or pizzazz of the early models. Bright lemon yellow was the perfect colour choice for this machine to have fun with allowing me to turn it into a really hot car.

Regardez Moi


Finally I  was able to capture the underside of a White Tree Nymph butterfly which then had me thinking of how to have fun with it.  Using some new software and several layers, several blending modes plus some ink splats I liked the result.  Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day to suit me now that I am retired..

In the Moment

In the Moment 941 Pat Haugen

I wish I possessed the talent to produce this image with real paint but I do not and I applaud all the artists who do paint. I was lucky last week to listen to Photoshop Week and as a result my head is buzzing with new ideas and avenues to explore in this versatile program.  I hope you like this result which is a combination of CS5 and SnapArt.