Alien Life Forms

Alien Life Forms © Patricia Haugen

Lichens such as, Lipstick Cladonia, are a barometer of the health of an environment.  If the lichens in a forest are lush and healthy then the air quality is also good with very little pollution therefore these lichens are not really “aliens” but environmental indicators.
This particular greyish lichen has bright red fruiting bodies called apothecia. I like to use my photography also as a learning tool capturing the different images which exist in nature if you take the time to look carefully.

Colour Touched

9255 Colour Touched Pat Haugen frameThis was an image I took early this spring which I have revisited with some new software.  I am on a learning curve again.  It is a great age that we live in with endless opportunities to expand both mentally and artistically at the same time.  I like the rather Gothic Victorian look that emerged from rather a mundane photograph.

Evening Heron

14 Ble Heron 2011 frameI think this image reveals some of the excitement that can come with digital alterations.  The computer software available now plus your own ideas enables the post-processing of a decent photograph into a dramatic image. I have posted the ‘decent’ photograph in the birds gallery.

Dry Tomorrow

5315 Dry Tomorrow 2048 Haugen vignette.jpgThis Image of a pair of early boots from Barkerville, British Columbia portrays the simple life of the Gold Miner of the late 1800’s.  It was essential to keep your feet dry and therefore this would have been one of the first actions after work and getting the fire going in the stove.