Oops and Double Oops


November 9, 2016 ~ Visited a favourite haunt with a photographer friend to check for the return of wintering Trumpeter Swans. No swans but a multitude of California Sea Lions feeding on the returning Chum Salmon. It was a stellar day watching and photographing the sea lions feeding with the seagulls swooping in to clean up the scraps. The sea lions have very messy table manners. The seine fishing fleet was also out in full force. The preservation behaviour of the salmon was fascinating…they hovered as close to the shore as possible out of reach of the sea lions. Dorsal fins and the upper tail fins were sticking above the surface. The trees surrounding the beach were full of eagles waiting for low tide to feast on the expired salmon left on shore. It was a day not to be missed.

Flipping Fish © Pat Haugen

Flipping Fish © Pat Haugen

Evening Drink

220 Grizzly Pat Haugen

On a recent trip to Banff it was amazing to be in the right place at the right time to watch a female Grizzly make a determined trek to a small water hole. It was a dream come true and to have the reflection of the bear gazing in the water before taking a drink was a bonus.

Eye Contact


This small garter snake was out and about on a very cold day.  Initially, he had tried to warm up in the sun on some gravel but got caught when a cloud passed over the sun then he could not move.  Result, a perfect opportunity to photograph a skittish snake very close up. I hope he recovered later from having a camera stuffed in his face by a big ugly thing.

Living Easy

9849 Black Bear Pat Haugen copy

This large black bear boar certainly knew where to hang out in the fall, Thornton Creek Fish Hatchery.  All  around him are female salmon from which the eggs have been removed. Even though he was in the midst of all this bounty he continued to chase off any males and females with cubs. He was definitely king. At Thornton it is possible to be quite close to the bears because they are only interested in one thing…eating and they do prefer salmon!

I Love You…I Really Do

I Love You...I Really Do © Patricia HaugenWhile out on our sailboat the last few beautiful summer days I caught a series of a North American River Otter mother and her three pups.  Luckily the best images were clean even though photographing from a constantly moving boat. I feel this photo says it all about the care four-footed mammals give their offspring