July 1 Canada Day

I was fortunate to be with a couple of great photographers on Fireworks Night at the park in Parksville, Vancouver Island. We went up full of hope for a perfect evening, clear sky, calm water and warm. The opposite occurred: rain, strong wind and ruddy cold but still better to be out with a camera than at home on the couch. Absolutely no hope of a tripod staying still for long exposures, solution just handhold and hope for something to turn out that looks a bit creative.

Colour Explosion 6540

Ethereal Gull

Ghostly Conversation

The Wave

Imagine 6521

Light Rays

45 Light Rays 2 Pat Haugen

This image looks very warm and inviting compared with our West Coast weather. It has been living up to the its reputation of Wet Coast. It feels like it has been raining since the beginning of December which is making  “A Year in Photos” (under Image Portfolios) or a 365 Project into a real mind stretching challenge. I am persevering but which will win…the rain or me.

Christmas in the 3rd Dimension


Here is something a bit different and was an easy shot to capture.  Just catching the corner of my eye, I had to grab my camera, it is a shot of my Christmas lights using the bathroom window as a creative filter which just goes to show,  just be aware of and constantly observing your surroundings.  There are definitely surprises to be captured.