Suspended Globes


October 9, 2016 ~ After attending an inspiring workshop yesterday given by Marc Koegel, I acquired many ideas for a new approach to my images. The weather outside was horrendous on the early morning drive to Nanaimo so it was a double plus to be in a seminar and inside where I looked for images for day 282 of my project for 2016, “AYear of Days” posted under Image Portfolios. Marc did emphasize a minimalist approach which I have tried to create above with these three images of lights in the Nanaimo Conference Centre.

Look Out

196 Look Out! - Hawaii Marrs Pat Haugen copyJuly 14 2016 ~ Today was what I would call a Gold Star Day. Early this morning, I and my husband received an invitation to watch the last flight day and water drop of the Coulson Flying Tanker – The Hawaii Mars.  The light was a little difficult but the sun caught the tanker at just the right time. Oh Yes, if you are wondering, we did get caught in the spray. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I need to add, for this occasion to capture the images I wanted, I used my Nikon 800 with a full frame zoom lens.

Great Blue Herons

126 Low Flight Pat Haugen copy

Low Flight © Patricia Haugen

It is the beginning of May and there is activity everywhere if you take time out to look and have the patience to wait. On a jaunt to some favourite spots in Victoria, Esquimalt Lagoon was out because a Volvo commercial was being filmed, oh well, move on. This was actually fortuitous. The next stop, Albert Head Lagoon I managed to capture the best flight photos of blue heron plus the bonus was watching and trying to photograph him handle a large fish to orient it for a quick swallow head first.

126 Lunch Pat Haugen copy

Lunch © Patricia Haugen

126 Unlucky Fish Pat Haugen copy

Unlucky Fish © Patricia Haugen

126 Mr. Grumpy Pat Haugen copy

Mr. Grumpy © Patricia Haugen

Rhodo Detail

116 Rhodo Detail Pat Haugen copy

April, my rhododendrons are starting to flower which gives me an opportunity to explore the power of using a macro lens with the Nikon camera. This image shows the precise focal plane of the lens…blurring the areas closer and further away into a softness in pastels. I liked the effect.


96 Bamboo Pat Haugen copy

This is a fun image or in other words a purely created image from a quick photo of some bamboo wallpaper in a restaurant. The wall paper was in shades of grey but I thought it had possibilities and it did with some software manipulation.

Kite Chaos

Kite Chaos Pat Haugen copy

At the end of a full day of capturing birds and nature generally the bonus was a sky full of kites at Clover Point in Victoria. The light was perfect and the sky a consistent colour for creating a series of overlapping images of the kites. Having many kites in the image makes it more interesting than just the one or two you are able to capture close up. Photographing kites close up in the air and obtaining a sharp image with the right light is a challenge but also fun.


In Memory of a Friend

15 In Memory of a Friend Pat Haugen

While spending time with a very good friend a couple of days ago, it was so grey and bleak outside, a typical west coast winter day.  As I was sitting there the sun shone through the window showing a ghost shadow of the plants on a small table…present but not present. For me it was a beautiful moment to remember.

Winter Marina

7 Winter Marina Pat Haugen copy

On the West Coast  on a dull, damp winter day you just have to get with it, grab your camera, add layers of clothing and go out. You hope for a few rays of sunshine, especially because the forecast is for sun but it never happens before sunset. All is not lost if you take the time to observe what is around you. The bonus for the day was this photograph of the marina buttoned down for the winter with a soft misty effect.

The Stroll

The Stroll 134 Pat Haugen

I am now experimenting with new techniques to present  more of an artistic feeling in my images. I rather like the impressionistic look to this street photography image . For the more traditional  black and white street photography image check out the “Street Photography” Gallery under Image Portfolios.

Ever Onwards

6339 Ever Onwards Pat Haugen

This digitally altered photograph was taken at the new Olso Opera June 2010. We were hosted by relatives to a private tour of the new building with a retired ballerina as our guide. If you have an opportunity to visit the Opera it is an architectural wonder in glass, wood and marble. It is another outside park in marble for the residents of Olso…very creative and functional which are fundamental to the Scandinavian approach to design.