Regardez Moi


Finally I  was able to capture the underside of a White Tree Nymph butterfly which then had me thinking of how to have fun with it.  Using some new software and several layers, several blending modes plus some ink splats I liked the result.  Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day to suit me now that I am retired..


Cardinal Meadowhawk © Patricia Haugen   241This photograph of a Cardinal Meadowhawk was taken at all the wrong time of day for light but it works perfectly.  The insect has a perfect shadow as a duplicate image plus the colour was spectacular in the bright overhead sunlight.

Procreation or Recreation?

Procreation or Recreation? © Patricia HaugenA blue male and a grey with green banded female pair of Western Pondhawks doing what the insect world has always been best at…procreation.  This image was one of the best I caught at a photographer friend’s place at Cameron Lake on Vancouver Island.  I like the way these two insects form a valentine heart symbol and also fortunately the
background blurred perfectly

Mr. Tattoo Face

Mr Tattoo Face_Pat Haugen 710_Theme.jpgIt is hard to believe this small caterpillar is real.  He seems to have both the texture and appearance of a child’s velour toy.  He is in fact a Great Mormon Caterpillar.  All I can say is Nature is fascinating if you take the time to really look.