Vancouver Island Winter

Freighters at Chemainus © Patricia Haugen

Our soggy foggy winter has now settled in. It feels like a grey version of the Arctic where night descends for twenty-four hours except instead of darkness we have greyness. Soon it will be the shortest day of the year and once past summer is coming. It is still interesting though to photograph in bad or poor weather and fun to be out.

Foggy Day Chemainus Harbour © Patricia Haugen
Waiting for Sun © Patricia Haugen

Cowichan Bay Illusion

Cowichan Bay Village and Docks near Duncan on Vancouver Island are a very eclectic place to photograph with a lot of eye candy on display…you just have to spot it which is always good practice. Here I have done a twist on the regular dock photo using multi-exposure in camera.

Ogden Point, Victoria, BC

147 Ogden Point © Pat Haugen

Finally, we have a small window of sun. A photographer friend and I ventured to Victoria hoping it would last for the day. She had a new camera to test out and we both had cabin fever. We were well rewarded at Ogden Point, lots to see, great place to walk and enjoy the sun with other people just taking advantage of the day. Having the “Sir John Franklin” Canada’s ice breaker at the wharf was a bonus. I decided to a change to present these images in black and white.

Early Morning at the Marina

All in a Row © Patricia Haugen

Here are 3 images which I am happy with. I captured them early morning at the public Marina in Ladysmith while waiting for our sailboat to come out of the water for maintenance. Although it is “Junuary” here on the west coast we have hopes for a long hot summer. There is variety in the images which I hope you will also enjoy. Basically, you just never know what you shall see as a photographer but the most important things are never leave home without a camera and always be looking and aware of your surroundings.

Sun Touched © Patricia Haugen

Horizontals Rule © Patricia Haugen

Early Morning

Here is an effect that I like which was created by fluke…camera on the wrong settings when I pushed the shutter button. I took the time to actually look at the photo and realized its potential before hitting the delete key. Yes, it was early morning at Hecate Park in Cowichan Bay, waiting for more vintage cars to arrive for a tour of the local valley.

Somenos Marsh, Duncan, Vancouver Island

With having finished a year of capturing and posting images everyday I think I am suffering from photo exhaustion and looking for something new. Now I have discovered combining photo images with digital painting. This presents some interesting possibilities to explore this year.  Also I have started experimenting with double exposures again, below find two examples.

                                               Constrained © Pat Haugen

Double Exposure Trees © Pat Haugen

Light Up the Night

Thursday February 16th was Light Up the Night here in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. It was perfect weather clear and above zero for the Rotary Fund Raiser. Chinese Lanterns are purchased for $5 each, the province puts in another $5 and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation doubles that again, the money going to smallpox immunization in the third world. With 350 lanterns available a lot of money was raised.  Ladysmith turned out in mass and all ages enjoying the outing in February. The young children were having a ball running around with no thoughts of being tired later when they got home. Parents may have had some other ideas though.

Winter Marina

7 Winter Marina Pat Haugen copy

On the West Coast  on a dull, damp winter day you just have to get with it, grab your camera, add layers of clothing and go out. You hope for a few rays of sunshine, especially because the forecast is for sun but it never happens before sunset. All is not lost if you take the time to observe what is around you. The bonus for the day was this photograph of the marina buttoned down for the winter with a soft misty effect.

Long Beach Impressions


On a recent jaunt to Long Beach and Incinerator Beach on the West Coast, I tried some new techniques which brought out the light and texture in the flat sand of the extensive beach. I liked the effects and have posted a series of 26 images under “Image Portfolios”. I hope that you will like the results also.