Custom Work

Thomas Flyer & Zust jpeg

I was asked to do some custom work for good friends. The objective was to turn a once in a lifetime photo opportunity where there was no control over the setting into an image which they could then enjoy.789 for Zust 13th Jpeg

503 Bill

Cars seem to be my specialty which arises logically from my husband’s hobby and interest in vintage vehicles. Here are a couple more examples of alterations which ended up on business cards.503 Continental JPEG

484 Bill

1971 Dune Buggy which needs a better setting.583 Beach Dune Buggy crop

A 1926 Model T Runabout which also needed a better setting before designing a business card.480 Bill T © Patricia Haugen

6384 Model T© Patricia Haugen


3 thoughts on “Custom Work

  1. Hi Pat Enjoyed your Featured photos. Hard to pick my favorites but in no order: Hurricain, Grizzly mom & cubs, Lanterns, Sea lions& gulls, Mars bomber

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