Mt. Waddington & Tiedemann Glacier

2017 May 28th  in great weather I was fortunate to fly into the Chilcotin to Tsuniah Lake. It was fabulous to fly in a small plane from Duncan, to Courtenay for refueling. Leaving Courtenay, the route was over the south end of Quadra, Stuart Island and on up Bute Inlet then following the Homathko River. While travelling the Homathko we were trying to spot the remnants of Waddington’s 1861 proposed route to the Gold Fields of interior BC. Also we were trying to spot the location of the 1864 Chilcotin Massacre. Our destination was Tsuniah Lake Lodge which is an experience that belongs on everyone’s bucket list. At 4000 feet it is set amongst Coastal/Chilcotin mountains where there are grizzly bears and spawning trout at this time of year as well as wildflowers in bloom.

Mother Grizzly with Two of her Three 2 year old Cubs

Tsuniah Lake Lodge Verandah

Night out at the Midway

  Midway 3839 © Patricia Haugen

Finally an evening without rain and the midway was in Nanaimo for the weekend. This spells fun plus a wonderful opportunity to practice night slow shutter speed photography. The colours were wonderful. I hope you enjoy these few images.

YoYo © Patricia Haugen

Hurricane © Patricia Haugen

Somenos Marsh, Duncan, Vancouver Island

With having finished a year of capturing and posting images everyday I think I am suffering from photo exhaustion and looking for something new. Now I have discovered combining photo images with digital painting. This presents some interesting possibilities to explore this year.  Also I have started experimenting with double exposures again, below find two examples.

                                               Constrained © Pat Haugen

Double Exposure Trees © Pat Haugen

Light Up the Night

Thursday February 16th was Light Up the Night here in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. It was perfect weather clear and above zero for the Rotary Fund Raiser. Chinese Lanterns are purchased for $5 each, the province puts in another $5 and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation doubles that again, the money going to smallpox immunization in the third world. With 350 lanterns available a lot of money was raised.  Ladysmith turned out in mass and all ages enjoying the outing in February. The young children were having a ball running around with no thoughts of being tired later when they got home. Parents may have had some other ideas though.

Getting Ready to Fly

December 8, 2016 ~ It is bitterly cold here on the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver Island) right now we have lost our deluge of rain and have a dusting of snow. These small Anna’s Hummingbirds are amazing how they have adapted to this cold weather. One thing that is an advantage for me is they are perching more in the sun any chance they get. Today I managed to capture what I consider my best ever humming bird photograph. Enjoy.

Oops and Double Oops


November 9, 2016 ~ Visited a favourite haunt with a photographer friend to check for the return of wintering Trumpeter Swans. No swans but a multitude of California Sea Lions feeding on the returning Chum Salmon. It was a stellar day watching and photographing the sea lions feeding with the seagulls swooping in to clean up the scraps. The sea lions have very messy table manners. The seine fishing fleet was also out in full force. The preservation behaviour of the salmon was fascinating…they hovered as close to the shore as possible out of reach of the sea lions. Dorsal fins and the upper tail fins were sticking above the surface. The trees surrounding the beach were full of eagles waiting for low tide to feast on the expired salmon left on shore. It was a day not to be missed.

Flipping Fish © Pat Haugen

Flipping Fish © Pat Haugen

Suspended Globes


October 9, 2016 ~ After attending an inspiring workshop yesterday given by Marc Koegel, I acquired many ideas for a new approach to my images. The weather outside was horrendous on the early morning drive to Nanaimo so it was a double plus to be in a seminar and inside where I looked for images for day 282 of my project for 2016, “AYear of Days” posted under Image Portfolios. Marc did emphasize a minimalist approach which I have tried to create above with these three images of lights in the Nanaimo Conference Centre.

Look Out

196 Look Out! - Hawaii Marrs Pat Haugen copyJuly 14 2016 ~ Today was what I would call a Gold Star Day. Early this morning, I and my husband received an invitation to watch the last flight day and water drop of the Coulson Flying Tanker – The Hawaii Mars.  The light was a little difficult but the sun caught the tanker at just the right time. Oh Yes, if you are wondering, we did get caught in the spray. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I need to add, for this occasion to capture the images I wanted, I used my Nikon 800 with a full frame zoom lens.

The King

152 The King Pat haugen copy

The above image of “The King” was taken at the Calgary Zoo. You do not have to go on a safari to get a great image of Africa’s iconic animals. Sometime a Safari may be possible for me but I am very happy practicing in a Zoo. I may add this image is as caught, no cropping.  The light and pose were perfect for a few seconds.

152 Eye on You Pat haugen copy

Eye on You © Pat Haugen

It was also great to capture a close up of this hippopotamus with a watchful eye.

Great Blue Herons

126 Low Flight Pat Haugen copy

Low Flight © Patricia Haugen

It is the beginning of May and there is activity everywhere if you take time out to look and have the patience to wait. On a jaunt to some favourite spots in Victoria, Esquimalt Lagoon was out because a Volvo commercial was being filmed, oh well, move on. This was actually fortuitous. The next stop, Albert Head Lagoon I managed to capture the best flight photos of blue heron plus the bonus was watching and trying to photograph him handle a large fish to orient it for a quick swallow head first.

126 Lunch Pat Haugen copy

Lunch © Patricia Haugen

126 Unlucky Fish Pat Haugen copy

Unlucky Fish © Patricia Haugen

126 Mr. Grumpy Pat Haugen copy

Mr. Grumpy © Patricia Haugen