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Gö Wheel, Göteborg Sweden

2158 Gö Wheel Pat Huagen


Morning, Kangaamiut, Greenland

 Kangaamiut 843 Pat Haugen

The painted houses of Kangaamiut were a treat to see in the morning light. I have also selected this photo because of the prominence of the fish drying racks.

                                           Three Grads and an Extra


This small boy made his appearance in every photo that was taken of the graduation class in Nuuk, Greenland.  His mother keep shouting at him from a second floor window but he had the selective hearing of children.  The grads, their parents and friends did not seem to be bothered by him at all and took it all with amazing good humour not letting him ruin the day but just be part of it.  This I felt was a good lesson for our ‘civilized’ society that we pretend to live in.

Looking to the Future

Looking at the Future

This photo proves again that the best camera you have is the one in your hand.  While transferring planes at Schiphol in Amsterdam and gazing at the window coverings, I noticed the silhouettes of people riding the moving walkways formed an interesting  relationship with the artwork.  Next step, line up the two to capture something interesting.

                                                       Reflected Sky


This is one of my favourite images from Greenland with the night sky reflected in the windows of an old warehouse.  I had gone to bed, was asleep when noise woke me, then I could see there was fantastic light outside.  Quickly, before I can think how cold it is, get dressed in the layers needed, grab the camera and head out.  Brrrrrr but worth it as you can see from the midnight images posted in the 2011 Greenland Travelogue.  Moral…never roll over when it is possible to take a photograph.

                                                       Hotel Manago


While on the Big Island of Hawaii this November, I continued my quest to capture as many of the old buildings and houses as possible.  There is so much commercial pressure to change and the old structures are disappearing.  My enthusiasm for the search hit 100% when I spotted this lovely old neon sign still maintained and lit on a hotel located in Captain Cook. Another plus was the plethora of wires and poles which I felt reinforced the idea of pressure on the Old Hawaii to be replaced by the New.

                                                        Antelope Slot


The manner in which the light bounces off the walls in this slot canyon gave a psychedelic look to the image that I love. Colours and textures revealed are hard to imagine unless you experience them.  The photographic tour which we took was intensive and afterwards I felt I really needed the learning curve of a preliminary run through. Time passed far too quickly but I did get a multitude of photos.

                                                  The Colours of Utah


This image evokes thoughts of Utah’s very special parks and canyons.  The colours in the parks I visited, both National and State, will be imprinted in my memory forever. The reds of the Navajo Sandstone in the setting sun are surreal plus the variety of colours due to mineral deposits hard to fathom.  These parks are pure eye candy.

                                                    The Ice at Night

7415 Berg frame.jpg

This photo of the Ice at night near Ilulissat was taken 19th of June 2011.  To celebrate my 65th Birthday I toured Iceland and Greenland.  The tour was a fantastic experience, cold but beautiful everyday.  Air Canada made my actual birthday very memorable by leaving me to spend a sleepless night at the Toronto terminal when they cancelled my flight to Vancouver.  Needless to say I will never forget how and  where I celebrated my 65th!!!!

                                                  Vigelandsanlegget, Olso

Vigelands Park 2 compo

I have decided to show these 2 images together. I liked the indigo colour of the sky on the background image plus the lights on the entrance gates but felt the angle did not reveal the Art Deco styling of the Sculptor, Gustav Vigeland, so have added a small detail image of the lights to the photo.  This Sculpture Park consisting of 227 both bronze and granite sculptures has to be seen to even begin to understand the volume of work this one man produced and gave to the city when the city designated a section of Frogner Park as a permanent display area for his work.  All the granite figures including the 14 meter, 127 figure monolith are silky smooth to the touch.  I have more photos of his sculptures in the Oslo Gallery under Travelogues.




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